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“Julie is a one-of-a-kind talent who can look beyond the immediate goal of a project to ultimately create a more strategic approach and solution. She knows how to reach sports fans in a genuine and unique way which separates her work in the digital and social world from others.” -Kim Jackson

"Julie is an enthusiastic, hard-working, intelligent person who has a great track record of successful work. Her intelligence, insight, and knowledge are among the top in the sports business industry." -Tariq Ahmad

Julie is a natural connector… Her capability to leverage strategic partnerships is second-to-none… She is not only gifted and dependable, but also a pleasure to work with.-Mitch Neff

Julie has a knack for cultivating ideas to yield best possible outcomes. Her skills in driving marketing success from inception to completion combined with a firm grasp on ROI, and management by objective made her a delight as she consistently went above and beyond.” -Kallie Bonnell

"…Julie does all this with an "out of the box" mentality that keeps our ideas and pursuits fresh and interesting. We value her leadership and work ethic; due to these traits, I firmly believe that any organization of which she belongs will inherently improve and grow." -Eddy Lux

"Julie is an extremely creative and hard-working professional who knows how to approach each situation and audience in a way that will benefit all those involved." -Kim Jackson

"Julie actively works to understand and hear what those around her can provide insight to, or are expressing concerns with… Her knack for identifying and playing to the strengths of those around her yields both innovative ideas and successful project outcomes." -Heather Cripe