Just wrapped up the Google Analytics Platform Principles training academy and am excited to share my certification.

The course was a great look at extending Google Analytics to other data sources including mobile apps, kiosks and APIs.

While the deadline to obtain a certificate is March 27th, check out the course content and community information by clicking here.


Stumbled across a great write up in the Sports Techie blog of the Instagram Freeze I conceived for the Lightning this past fall. Click the link above to access and read their post!

"The initiative, called #BoltsFreeze, occurred on October 9th, one day before the Lightning dropped the puck on their home slate of games for the 2013-2014 season. From noon to 5 p.m., the Lightning’s official Instagram account, @TBLightning, went private, making content posted to the account available only to fans already following the team on Instagram. Those fans were eligible to see exclusive video content from the team, view video messages from players, and win prizes, which included authentic jerseys, t-shirts, and game tickets."


Click the link above to read more from the MOZ blog on their findings in site speed and website backend performance affects overall rankings in search engines.

"Our data shows there is no correlation between "page load time" (either document complete or fully rendered) and ranking on Google’s search results page. This is true not only for generic searches (one or two keywords) but also for "long tail" searches (4 or 5 keywords) as well. We did not see websites with faster page load times ranking higher than websites with slower page load times in any consistent fashion. If Page Load Time is a factor in search engine rankings, it is being lost in the noise of other factors."

"The back-end performance of a website directly impacts search engine ranking. The back end includes the web servers, their network connections, the use of CDNs, and the back-end application and database servers… While we have found that front-end web performance factors ("document complete" and "fully rendered" times) do not directly factor into search engine rankings, it would be a mistake to assume they are not important or that they don’t effect search engine rankings in another way."


Pretty slick work out of MLS Digital on the #myNYFC campaign to help generate continued interest in their latest team.

It’s great to see digital and social media utilized as the answer to “How do you sell a product that doesn’t exist?”

Click here to check out the entire site and build your badge.


Exciting nod for Outback Steakhouse - T