Click the link above to view the full article on how AT&T Stadium integrated i beacon technology this off season to gear up for the current NFL stadium.

Below are three things that the Dallas Cowboys did right with their mobile strategy for the 2014-15 NFL Season:

1. The Cowboys recognized the need to overcome connectivity by partnering with AT&T to obtain the infrastructure necessary to deliver good mobile experiences in-venue.

  • "The mobile features, which will be used for the first time when the Cowboys meet the San Francisco 49ers in their Sept. 7 National Football League home opener, follow a 50 percent ramp-up in cellular network capacity at the five-year-old stadium in Arlington, TX."

2. The Cowboys figured out a unique way to build upon the NFL’s mobile messaging strategy by incorporating mobile CTAs as part of an enhanced in-game experience.

  • As the stadium app vibrates, a message will be displayed providing the particular context and immediacy of the action. Fans will be guided to unlock their phones, hold their fingers on the Dallas Cowboys star and as more phones power up, the stadium will be full of strobes, not only from mobile devices, but also on the ribbon displays and the HD video board. 
    The visual will gain intensity and speed as more fans join in, energizing the stadium and culminating in a final eruption of light and motion provided by the louvers that will canvas the entire stadium.”

3. The Cowboys established utility for their app beyond the typical shiny objects.

  • "The app also will be useful to management in its ability to lets users rate their experience, including building security and traffic flow to and from the game."

"By enmeshing the loyalty program with transactions, Starbucks looks beyond point of sale and towards customer experience."

"In addition to full screen mobile ads, Starbucks has boosted engagement over the last year through SMS messaging campaigns. 

It is important for marketers to look beyond standard mobile ad units and take advantage of the ways in which mobile platforms make it exciting for consumers to opt-in to brand marketing programs.”

Very worthwhile insight to Starbucks’ approach to digital and mobile in particular. The company has taken its brand to the next level by embodying mobility at the core of its brand.

Mobile apps take an extensive amount of consumer research to understand how to establish utility and maintain a strong user experience for your core audience on and offline.


Effective Communication Entails Understanding and Using Microcopy

"Microcopy clearly communicates a unique message that keeps a user engaged in an experience while using as little words as possible."

Original Article on click here to read.

You see microcopy used in the following places:

  1. The footer’s copywrite claim
  2. Loading screens
  3. Calls to action
  4. Form Instructions
  5. Thank yous/Confirmations
  6. Error messages/404’s

"By providing short "queues" of information, you keep a person engaged with the things you want to keep them engaged in. Microcopy is when you can communicate in short messages and lead someone toward a goal.”

One of the ways to respect your user is to create a cleaner line of communication with them. You can do this by being suggestive instead of authoritative with your microcopy.

Places where you want to avoid over-branded microcopy:

  • Navigation,
  • Forms and Field Labels
  • Instructions
  • Selections (drop-downs, radio buttons, etc.)
  • Buttons.

Places where you can have fun with branded microcopy:

  • Confirmations
  • Rewards (points, etc.)
  • 404 Pages
  • Server Errors
  • Error Messaging

Really enjoyed this read and the finer points on balancing branding and straight communication throughout your sites, blogs and social to establish true authenticity among your users. I believe in overhauling sites in favor of directive copy — telling users exactly what the intended action is - “Order Online” rather than the branded name of your take-away — and continue to push towards effective metacopy within sites to help search engines crawl and display directive copy as well. 

Taking microcopy into consideration is a necessary step in today’s digital marketing world.

Would you text in for take-out? Kona rolls out new mobile phone ordering: 

Would you text in for take-out? Kona rolls out new mobile phone ordering: 


"Instagram is now offering a new three-pronged dashboard, the first suite of real-time, self-serve tools for marketers to manage their Instagram accounts and understand the impact of their campaigns.

The “ad insights” tool tracks performance via impressions, reach and engagement, while a second, “account insights,” delivers data on non-paid content posted. A third “ad staging” tool enables previews of creative before it goes live on Instagram.

While Instagram had previously been providing brands with reports about their campaigns, that data is now available directly to them…. The program rolls out to current ad partners including Levi’s, Hollister, Banana Republic and Taco Bell with a full roll-out in the near future.”